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We Are Your Local Resource For The BEST Professional Real Estate Photography Services:

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Welcome to Virtual Vista! If you are looking for the best professional real estate photographers near you, you’ve come to the right place. We are so happy that you decided to stop by and check out our website. Since 2006, we have been providing premium, photo and video services to Realtors and homeowners alike, in West Chester, PA and the surrounding Greater Philadelphia area, including the nearby great state of Delaware.

As your local Real Estate Photography experts, we pride ourselves on being a valued resource for our clients. Our services include Premium-Quality, Professional Still Photography, 4K / HD Video Walk-through Tours, and, oh yes, Aerial Drone Photography and Videography, also shot in 4K / HD resolutions. We also offer additional Digital Marketing Services designed to help you present your property listings in their best light and best of all Sell Them FAST!

Not only are we local, but we are perfectionists, we care about our clients, and are always investing in the latest technology and staying up to date with the latest techniques and trends in the real estate marketing world.

Our goal is to deliver products and services that are special and uniquely geared to set you and your listings apart from the competition. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today and see why We Are Better. We won't let you down!



Professional Real Estate Still Photography

Our clients hire us to bring out the charm and beauty of the properties they list for sale.



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Still Photography

Professional still photography is a must for any realtor or homeowner when listing a property for sale. As they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Don’t miss out on that buyer you’ve been looking for because your pictures didn’t tell the right story.

At Virtual Vista, our photo shoots are comprehensive. We look to take homebuyers on beautiful journey through the home and spark emotions that will have them presenting you with an offer.

When you hire us to photograph a home for sale, you will be getting sharp, gorgeous, and vibrant stills that will bring out the best your listing has to offer, each and every time.



Premium 4K / HD Video Walk-through Tours

Stunning interior and exterior video that won’t just grab the attention of buyers, but will keep it on YOUR listings.



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Video Walkthrough Tours

It is a fact that video holds people’s attention longer than stills alone. But, with a Virtual Vista premium video tour, your property will be one that buyers remember.

We utilize more than a decade of real estate photography experience, along with a superior knowledge of cinematic techniques, and the best in video and stabilization equipment to create amazing videos.

When you hire us, you can also count on your video being delivered in the highest resolution (4K / HD) so potential buyers will love watching their next home again and again!



Premium 4K / HD Aerial Photo and Video

Beautiful aerial views from above are the perfect way to showcase a property that can be done justice from the ground or simply add some additional wow factor.



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When it comes to Aerial Drone Real Estate Photography and Videography, you want to hire Virtual Vista because #WeDoAerial the BEST!

We have the best licensed professional drone pilots who are highly-skilled with an outstanding sense of what sells a home. Whether you are listing a property with some vast acreage or one with a special lot that is simply stunning, we ensure buyers understand the property’s value.

In addition, we again utilize our proprietary photography process to give you the sharpest, most beautiful stills and videos even from the skies.